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Karen L Arthur
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A psychotherapist for over 20 years, I care deeply about empowering people to reach their potential and lead happy, joyful lives--free from emotional pain and confusion.  Utilizing a variety of effective techniques and methods to assist you on your journey of healing, I have helped many people unlock their creativity, think beyond the box of emotional prison walls, and expand their awareness of new possibilities of relating to their inner and outer worlds.  I am committed to helping each individual discover his or her own uniqueness and contributions.

Finding the inner wisdom for effective change often requires guidance, and my unique style of holistic mind-body therapy can provide the inner strength and skills necessary for you to make real changes in your life.

Each person goes into therapy for different reasons, so each needs a personalized therapy plan.  Whether you have a sudden crisis, longstanding problems, childhood wounds, relationship issues, or simply want to feel more at peace, it is my belief that our healing work together will help you design your life's tapestry to:

  • Maximize your potential to meet your goals
  • Find meaning and purpose
  • Increase your ability to cope and enjoy daily living
  • Release regrets
  • Develop a rich inner life
  • Understand core beliefs and heal old wounds
  • Discover strengths and inner resources