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Guest Name
Kalliope Barlis
Guest Occupation
Former Pro Golfer, Master NLP trainer, TEDx Speaker, TV producer & anti-fear specialist.
Guest Biography

Motivational speaker, Building Your Best master trainer, best selling author and award winning producer, Kalliope Barlis helps real people transform their lives by empowering them to overcome their fears and bad memories to live life with purpose. She uses the same skills that motivated her to become a pro golfer in just two years.

When Kalliope realized playing professional golf wasn't her calling, she began training others in the tools that propelled her into becoming a pro golfer in just two years. Since then, her TEDx Talk has over 1.9 million views. As a Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, she loves giving people the tools to overcome their fears and bad memories. Kalliope's heartfelt passion to give hope to people who live in fear, inspired her to produce a television reality show Kalliope's From Fear to Freedom, soon to be streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Above all, Kalliope is dedicated to creating a more fearless world in order for people to avoid being distracted from living their purpose, from fear to freedom!