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Spiritual Counselor, 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Embassador, Healer
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In 2004, I prayed for a vision that my highest service would be offered in the years ahead. What I received was something I could not have imagined: Spirit told me that I would be entrusted to bring together some of "her most precious jewels" into a single basket.

Those jewels are the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers – a council of elders from around the world that came together with great beauty and remarkable synchronicities. Through connecting with these elders, I discovered that this Council had been the subject of many ancient prophecies, all of which agree that they are to play a prominent role in global healing at this time.

For the last years, we have traveled to each others’ homelands for collective rituals that are committed to healing work, as well as to visit with leaders such as the Dalai Lama. Everywhere we have gone, profound, magical, amazing transformations have happened.

I have become clear that this circle is divinely guided, that the lineages they offer are a key for collective transformation and that they are giving us a profound medicine for our times. That’s why I have committed my entire life to advancing their work.

When we did our first virtual Grandmothers Solstice call with The Shift Network, 20,000 people responded from around the world – a remarkable outpouring of love, prayer and blessing. Now, we are working to bring more of their wisdom to people who cannot travel to a live circle and who want to go deeper than a book or DVD.

That’s why all the Grandmothers are excited by this virtual gathering, which offers them a way to share their wisdom and support our collective work, so that together we can all contribute to the healing and growth for our planet.

I cannot promise you exactly what you will learn or what they will teach. So often, their guidance is immediate, spontaneous, and in the moment. So the "curriculum" will be looser than you might expect for a virtual offering.

But what I’ve seen is that the spontaneous healings that come from entering into a space of reverence and prayer together are life-changing and well worth it.

I thus invite you join us in this virtual circle where we will share wisdom and deepen our journey together. Mother Earth is crying out for healing and together we can create some powerful openings for a renewed world.

I hope you can join us!

Ambassador of The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers