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Guest Name
Joshua Dunn
Guest Occupation
Spiritual Coach, Meditation Expert
Guest Biography
Joshua Dunn has a background in meditation and spiritual understanding. He grew up going to ashrams. His full name is Joshua Merlyn Livingston Dunn.

My spiritual name is Mukunda. I believe there is a real magic to science and I welcome you to the experience. 

He has worked in theater in New York City and went to acting school as well. He has always studied people and wanted to learn from them. He started in golf business 11 years ago but has played golf all of his life. 

He was on the high school team. Back then, he loved the feeling the golf game gave him. Playing against himself and the environment. As people we are always playing and golf teaches us new ideas all the time.

Remember "Think Breathe Act " can a good process for any thing especially golf. 

You can think what ever you want but you must remember to breathe and then you act and it will come out well.