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Guest Name
Joseph Kaye
Dr. Joseph Edward Kaye
Guest Occupation
An Accomplished Physician in Allopathic Medicine, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, Owns His Own Dedicated Practice of Integrative and Functional Medicine
Guest Biography

Dr. Joseph Edward Kaye trained in Mind-Body Medicine through Harvard - and uses Meditation, Biofeedback, and Stress Management in his practice

From an early age, Dr. Kaye knew he would become a physician. He has had a lifelong fascination with how the body functions and how we can use diet, medicine, and the natural substances all around us to enhance our health. These substances may be bioidentical hormones, natural medicines derived from plants, vitamins, or nutrients. Joseph Kaye, M.D. was raised on an organic farm, which instilled in him awareness of the importance of healthy, locally grown food and a proper diet. Today, he has a strong emphasis on diet in his practice and operates a highly successful weight-loss program.

In addition, Dr. Kaye has trained extensively in traditional allopathic medicine, completing residencies in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine and has cared for over 15,000 patients in his career thus far.

At his current Integrative and Functional Medicine practice, Dr. Kaye merges natural and traditional medicine, with a focus on weight loss, bioidentical hormone replacement, sports nutrition, mood and neurological disorders, reversal of chronic disease, anti-aging medicine, preconception medicine, and detoxification. Dr. Kaye dedicates his practice to guiding his patients through the process of healthy aging and helping them to alleviate or reverse chronic illness.

Dr. Kaye has affiliated his practice with BodyLogicMD, the nation's largest group of physicians dedicated to bioidentical hormone replacement and functional medicine. In this role, he helps women and men find relief from symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as low libido, weight gain, irritability, depression, hot flashes and loss of muscle mass. Dr. Kaye offers his patients bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and customized nutrition, supplement, and fitness programs as well as standard and complementary medical treatment.

Using advanced laboratory, genomic, and physical testing that is not available to most physicians, Dr. Kaye and his associates attempt to identify unsuspected causes of chronic conditions, which can then be corrected, returning his patients to a state of wellness and vitality.

Dr. Kaye has trained in Mind-Body Medicine through Harvard and uses Meditation, Biofeedback, and Stress Management in his practice. Dr. Kaye practices what he advocates to his patients and can discuss his programs from his experience as a patient. He exercises daily, follows a prudent low-stress/nontoxic lifestyle, eats a healthy diet with appropriate supplementation and has been treated with BHRT since 2005.