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Hi, I’m John. I’m a leader who loves people. I care about their healing, their dreams, their businesses, and their lives. I created the DYW framework out of my realization that my fullest potential is realized when I’m helping others discover their WHO. I’m so excited for you to start your Discover Your WHO journey and release your fullest potential into the world.

In 2014, John Stix was an outwardly successful entrepreneur who felt numb, disengaged, and a sense of aloneness. In one moment he had a life-altering realization: he didn’t know who he was. By turning the arrow inward, he transformed his life and his business when he learned that before the why, how, or what, your WHO must come first. Now, Discover Your WHO includes a book, app, and coaching to empower leaders to be the hero of their own journey and uncover their Golden Gift.