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Guest Name
Jane Doherty
Guest Occupation
Author, Psychic, Ghostbuster, Crystal Skull Guardian, Lecturer, Consultant, Ghost Investigator, Seance Facilitator, Expert Witness, Parapsychologist
Guest Biography

When author, psychic and ghostbuster Jane Doherty lectured at the Breakfast Club, San Francisco's premiere high society club, she turned cautiously minded skeptics into soft-hearted, warm believers giddy with their newly found psychic possibilities. Jane is living proof that paranormal abilities can be acquired and with her first book, Awakening the Mystic Gift: The Surprising Truth About What It Means to Be Psychic, she wants to teach that message to the world.

A renowned psychic for more than 15 years giving tens of thousands of readings, Jane Doherty is the leading authority on psychic experiences. She provides individual guidance through private consultation, conducts ghost investigations and seances to communicate with the other side and offers classes and workshops to those who are interested in discovering and developing their own psychic abilities. This fall she will appear in a new television series on a major network.

Widely recognized and respected for her extraordinary skill and sensitivity, she has been featured on Fox Network News, CNN, The Today Show, Sightings, MSNBC Investigates, Jenny Jones, WB11 and numerous publications, including The New York Times, New York Post, The Industry Standard and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She has been named "one of the top twenty psychics" by Hans Holzer in Woman's Own magazine and interviewed on more than 75 radio stations including one in Austria and England. Reuters news media has featured her in Australia, Austria, Germany, England, Russia, and the major Spanish network, Telemundo. She has also co-hosted a psychic call-in show for eight years and has been featured in three books, as well as in Woman's World Weekly and The Bridal Guide magazine.

Jane also has the distinction of being retained as an expert government witness for a U.S. Postal Service investigation of a major mail fraud case involving psychic claims, assisted law authorities in cases of missing persons and homicides as well as added to the history of New Jersey when her services were used for an archeological dig. For more than twelve years Jane was president of the Jersey Society of Parapsychology, founded more than 30 years ago for the purpose of providing mainstream scientific research and support to this field. Her ghost investigations have taken her to such notable places as the Lizzie Borden House in Massachusetts, the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, the William Heath Davis House in San Diego as well as the Proprietary House in New Jersey, the only original royal governor's mansion still standing in the U.S. today.