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Guest Name
Jan Peter de Jong
Jan Peter de Jong, Archaeologist, Film Producer, Researcher, Speaker and Presenter
Guest Occupation
Archaeologist, Film Producer, Researcher, Speaker, Presenter
Guest Biography

Jan Peter de Jong, a native of the Netherlands, has lived in Peru for 17 years while studying the amazing work of the late archaeologist Alfredo Gamarra under his son and successor, Jesus. Jan Peter has regularly visited the massive megalithic temples of the Andes while applying the principles of Alfredo Gamarra, which maintain that not only the Peruvian temples, but megaliths all over the globe went through three periods of construction, the first one beginning 100,000 years ago. This is the first coherent theory that traces advanced human construction back 100,000 years.

A film producer and researcher, Jan Peter spoke at the Paris Conference "Quelques Mystres Anciens" about the "Cosmogony of the three worlds", detailing the theories of the Peruvian Camarra, who explained, amongst other material, vitrification and the precise modelling of certain stones.