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Guest Name
Hannah Rosenzweig
Hannah Rosenzweig
Guest Occupation
Documentary Filmmaker
Guest Biography

Hannah Rosenzweig is an award-winning film director, producer, and founder of Intention Media Inc. Hannah produced and directed the critically acclaimed film Surge, which premiered on SHOWTIME and is now streaming on Amazon and Apple TV. She has produced films on National Geographic TV, History Channel, Sundance TV, and others. Since serving as Hillary Clinton’s personal videographer for her 2008 presidential campaign, Hannah has directed media and consulted with candidates, elected officials, and campaigns nationwide. She currently serves as Executive Director of The People, a group of creatives using digital media and storytelling to defend democracy in states nationwide. Hannah was awarded a JustFilms Fellowship from the Ford Foundation for leaders working at the intersection of storytelling, film, and social justice.

Doing the same ole, same ole hardly ever produces results. I will speak with Hannah, an acclaimed documentary filmmaker, about a fresh approach and her brand new film — "51st STATE." It's time to move our effort into the 21st century and develop new tools and approaches to the resolution of this old problem.