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Giovanni Sticco
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UFO Researcher, Writer, Experiencer. Film Director, Producer
Guest Biography

Giovanni Sticco

Giovanni was born in Hollywood on July 17, 1971 the son of a rockabilly singer Johnny Stark and a gospel singer mother. Giovanni grew up mostly in California but also lived in Asia- Nepal- Sri Lanka, Japan, Hong Kong, Hawaii etc.

His interest in UFOs begin as a child and after seeing 4 UFOs and having strange dreams about aliens and UFOs prompted him to write the short film The Encounter on Youtube. Giovanni has been writing scripts now for about 5 years. His stories are rare and touch on interesting subjects:

Giovanni Sticco presently lives in Las Vegas with his Sri Lankan wife Giovanni has been presently on several radio show one of which is Kevin Smith's talk radio, and in Canada trying to promote his short film to make his movie on you tube go viral and get the attention of Hollywood or a independent studio pick it up. Also Giovanni has a movie being film in Las Vegas at the end of the month and when given permision will post info on this new movie which is a horror movie. The song atached is by Quanah Hicks "Dawn" this song will be replaced when the actor is at the cemetery visiting his wife and child." View The Encounter on YouTube at: To view this link you can also just type in UFO- The Encounter.