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Guest Name
Georg Breckmann
Guest Occupation
Writer, Researcher, Teacher, Martial artist, Editor, Speaker
Guest Biography

Georg Breckmann is a writer and long-time paranormal researcher. A series of personal experiences compelled him to investigate Contact from other intelligent beings with humanity and what it means.

Breckmann has worked in many fields, been a store detective, an insurance investigator, a printmaker, special education teacher, martial arts instructor, and magazine editor. "If there was one constant in all the jobs I held, it was being a careful, critical observer and reporting what I found," he writes.

Seeking, as we all do, meaning in life, he practiced Zen, attended Wiccan, and Odinic rites, and eventually entered Berendr training with traditional shamans from the North. "I did not want to pretend to be anyone else, but rather to learn what ancient wisdom my ancestors had, prior to the forced conversion of their homelands," some of which is shared in the book, and surprisingly helps understand Contact.