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Geoff Phillips
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Product Developer
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By definition, VaniCovers® for Pets are innovative, lightweight, absorbent covers that fit around bathroom sinks on the vanity countertop. They provide a splash-free hygienic environment for bathing small pets in the bathroom sink.

VaniCovers® for Pets (V4P) are an aesthetic, non-skid and fully-functional alternative to towels or wash-cloths that are designed for oval and rectangular bathroom sinks, are durable and are machine-washable on a regular basis.

I am Geoff Phillips. and over many years, I have had success in creating solutions with various products that were either acquired from me or purchased directly from my distribution companies.

My manufacturing experience in outsourcing production in China and other countries has provided me with the expertise to embark upon the development of this unique product I want to share with you.

One day, when visiting the groomer with my son and his dog, I was shocked at the cost and tip for a wash. Instinctively, my reaction to groomer service fees was to find a better and less-expensive way and an alternative option to bathing pets regularly in the shower. As an Inventor of several successful products, I considered multiple options for vanity top, "drop-in" and "under-mount" sink concepts. I developed several prototypes, one of which was a modular micro-fiber absorbent cover that would fit around oval and rectangular sinks and faucets with a uniquely invented and patent-pending “Velcro-hinge” developed over several months and the VaniCovers® for Pets “splash cover” was “born”!!

VaniCovers® for Pets offers both an inexpensive bathing solution and a remedy to prevent exposing pet owners to potential long-term back injury in the care of their pets and provides an easier and cheerful option to bathe small pets in the sink without bending down in the shower, tub or outdoors during harsh winters or sweltering summers.

VaniCovers® for Pets are made from rolls of micro-fiber material laminated with super-absorbent foam padding including a light silicone layer creating a soft, safe and non-slip cover in which pets feel secure stepping into and out of the sink.

Up to now, a manufactured splash-free bathroom mat surrounding a sink has not been replicated because of differences in sink sizes, styles and shapes. A manufactured towel product, by example, with a cut and sewn "hole” would not be an economical solution for different sinks, Wrapping towels that slip and slide around the sink cause anguish to pets who prefer to stay dry and safe from slipping vs. their stepping on a bath-mat from the shower or tub

The modular VaniCovers® for Pets is designed for multiple sinks and is both functional and ergonomically ideal for waist-height, non-skid, pet bathing solutions previously not available for regular pet care.

It's ironic that many small pets can miss their regular bathing schedule due to the hassle of strenuous physical strain bending awkwardly over the tub or shower. Imagine the difficulties we would have of taking a shower once a week because of discomfort in getting in or out of the tub.

These inexpensive, lightweight, durable machine-washable VaniCovers® for Pets now simplify bathing time in the bathroom sink to an easy few minutes without stress.