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Guest Name
Gabriella Kapfer
Guest Occupation
Cellist and co-founded Resounding Earth
Guest Biography


Gabriella Kapfer, born in Germany, trained in farming, psychotherapy, music and later forging metal sound instruments, created a new unique form of Sound Healing and co-founded Resounding Earth, an impulse to raise the vibration on this beautiful planet. She traveled the world as a Bard for Peace for many years from 2004 – combining her many skills creating music, sound and experiences for individuals and groups that facilitate people to access deeper parts of themselves, their connection with Nature and the greater whole.

In the late 1990s she lived with Louis and Sandra Bohtlingk in the north of Scotland for some years where the Care First money transformation impulse was received and applied in many ways – including a small retreat house on the edge of the wild. During this period Gabriella learnt much from Nature through inner attunements that invited her to work with sound in a new way – work that facilitates molecular change and realignment through what we now refer to as Sound Weaving.

Passionate about teaching and modeling co-creative partnership with Nature and the Earth, Gabriella has been co-facilitating vibrational healing workshops and alchemical forge retreats as well as transformational journeys and pilgrimages to sacred sacred sites working with sound and Nature for many years. As a creator and sound alchemist she brings the wider consciousness of co-creating with all of life towards facilitating others to be aligned  with their deeper nature and with the Earth. 

She knows that when we truly re-member our interconnectedness with all of Life, we will naturally move towards a state of being, where we act from Care as we see ourselves as part the whole.

She currently lives in Portugal and is involved with a wide range of regenerative projects that are working to create an Earth school.