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Guest Name
Eddie Crothers
Eddie Crothers
Guest Occupation
equine analyst
Guest Biography

All too often, a well trained horse that was once a wonderful riding partner begins developing a bad attitude. A good horse has gone bad and the joy of spending time with her has become a thing of the past. After that happens, the horse might be taken to a trainer; the problem who “corrects” the problem or the animal might be put out to pasture until she “heals” herself over time.

When those two strategies have proved in effect, Eddie Crothers, an equine analyst, might be contacted in the hopes he can make that horse manageable. And often he can rise to that challenge by uncovering pain the animal might be experiencing, discomfort that prevents it from performing at its maximum. Crothers does not claim that he can perform miracles but he does point with pride to his record of “salvaging” horses. Their behavior has, for example, improved immensely after an aching back or an infected foot was healed.