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Dr. Stephen Furlich
Dr. Stephen Furlich
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Unique Book Reveals How To Improve What You Say & How to Listen – Even When No Words Are Spoken!

Best-seller writer Dr. Stephen Furlich discusses the effect of nonverbal communication in others, the important role it can play at work, in a relationship, family and in every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

Do you ever wonder why you didn’t get the job or a promotion after an interview – or why a business phone call seemed to go so much better than an in-person meeting? When you are on a date or trying to convey a message to a friend, how do you ensure they are fully receiving your intentions correctly?

It may come down not just to what you say – but what is communicated beyond words. A unique book, Nonverbal Epiphany: Steps to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication by Dr. Stephen A. Furlich, provides well-researched answers to these questions and reveals the subtle nonverbal behaviors that often go unnoticed but contribute heavily to the impression one makes.

“The interconnectedness between biology and nonverbal communication is explored deeply here,” says Dr. Furlich, whose prior book was a best-seller, Sex Talk: How Biological Sex Influences Gender Communication Differences Throughout Life’s Stages.

Readers will learn how to better notice and understand other people’s nonverbal behaviors. They will also learn how to better communicate with their nonverbal behaviors. From teens to senior citizens, anyone can learn to improve their personal and professional nonverbal communication skills. Some areas covered are gestures, facial expressions, vocal changes, colors, and measurement proportions to mention a few areas.