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Dr Michael Roizen
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medical educator, physician
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In keeping with the title of his bestselling book – Real Age: Are You as Young as You Can Be? -  Dr. Michael Roizen wants to help people keep their youthful vigor long past the point when it all too often fades.  Simply put, he wants to guide them towards putting a gap between their biological age and their real age which can be determined by filling out a survey.

This survey not only - takes into account the usual suspects - blood pressure, cholesterol level, blood glucose level – that are thought to be markers of somebody’s physical health. It also calculates into the equation whether somebody has a pet or regularly spends time with friends and how many hours sleep they get.

And the best part: Dr. Roizen maintains that your real age is not simply determined by your genes. You can push into more positive grounds by learning healthier living habits.  Suggestions that can help you move in positive directions abound on the web site.