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Dr Michael Irving
Wellness for the Heart with Dr Michael C Irving
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Michael C. Irving, Ph. D. Bio

Dr. Michael Irving knows pain. In Toronto, Canada he works at Wings Neural Rehab with brain injury clients, accident and trauma victims and those suffering with debilitating chronic pain. He loves his work and gains much satisfaction from seeing people make remarkable transformations in their experience of chronic pain and emotional distress. For more than 30 years he has been working with posttraumatic stress in survivors of single incident trauma and those with a history of long-term profound child abuse. His doctoral studies in professional psychology and pre-and perinatal psychology gave him an understanding of emotional trauma and trauma resolution outside the domain of language. Dr. Irving has found that mind-body tools, techniques and strategies he learned and developed in dealing with the psychological wounds of child abuse survivors, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and early pre-and perinatal trauma were remarkably effective in controlling physical pain and even eradicating chronic pain.

Dr. Irving understands the experience of pain beyond his professional training. On a deep level his work with helping others cope with, and resolve pain, is informed by a personal history of being a child abuse survivor, living with decades of posttraumatic stress and chronic pain, overcoming a heart attack and stroke. On the lighter side, his understanding of pain management greatly helped him in meeting the challenges of running five marathons in 12 weeks to celebrate turning 65-years-old.

Whether Dr. Irving is working with trauma victims, child abuse survivors, individuals post-cardiac event, head injury victims, those suffering with chronic pain or seniors he coaches to complete a marathon he works from a foundation that living from the heart is living for the heart. His view is that wellness for the heart is much broader then a biological pump and its associated plumbing. Full-hearted health is living in all areas of one’s life from what we truly mean by “Heart”. Heart disease and other diseases can be greatly impacted by “Heart” dis-ease. We become dis-eased and then diseased when we experience deterioration of “Heart” -- love, emotions, relationships, purpose and meaning, kindness, gratitude, art and aesthetics, spirit, mindfulness, patience, courage, appreciation of nature and the connection to others.

Dr. Irving has developed a comprehensive approach to helping post cardiac event clients with mind body tools and resiliency skills for healing and quality of life. His wellness for the heart program, “Twelve Wisdoms of Wellness for the Heart”, is based on twelve tenants of: Family and Friends, Listen to your Heart, Take Charge, Stress Reduction, Harmony and Balance, Heart Healthy Food, Exercise for Life, Health Care Team, Medicines and Supplements, Meditation and Relaxation, Visualization, Spiritual Connection. Dr. Irving comes from the perspective of adding “Heart” to each of these areas is fundamental to healing and prevention with all diseases.

Dr. Irving has worked in business, in education, as a psychotherapist and a sculptor. He has published and lectured on art, myth and psychology, been featured in newspapers and magazines and has appeared on radio and television. He is a Board Member of the Toronto Native Child and Family Services. He has won awards in art, business, community peace building and for his work with children. Dr. Irving has exhibited and sold sculpture in a wide variety of mediums for more than 40 years. His stone and bronze sculptures are in private and corporate collections and have been exhibited internationally. He has received more than two million dollars in art project support and grants from individuals, foundations, government agencies and major corporations.

Dr. Irving offers practical information and guidance through counseling, trainings, seminars, publications, audios and videos and internet educational materials to address concerns of pain control and eradication, stress management and heart health.