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Guest Name
Dr M L Nichols
Guest Occupation
World’s leading authorities on stress and coping, Author, Retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander and President of MOAASWRC
Guest Biography


One of the world’s leading authorities on stress and coping and an expert on post traumatic stress disorder is innovative, insightful, and created The Five Step Stress Coping Model and  How to break the Threshold Barrier of Rewiring the Nervous Systemmeaning, “How to Solve a Problem During the First Session,” and enhance personal success – WIN TIME: these include, Loss, Trauma, Grief, PTSD. Self Sabotage, Performance Anxiety, Military Personal Operational Readiness, Performance Choking, and Brain DEFRAGing.  He retired from the US Navy as a Lieutenant Commander and from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). His peers and superiors said, “He is twenty years ahead of his time!” He is currently President of  MOAASWRC Military Officer’s Association of America meeting in Murrieta CA.

At Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California, he was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for creating the “most innovative and effective correctional religious program in the United States,” which lowered the incident rate by a documented 60 percent.  Dr. Nichols graduated number one in his two Navy leadership and management courses, earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary,  did post graduate work in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and was awarded Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP and Time Line Therapy ® Certifications. Board Certified. Colleagues and mentors include: Anthony Robbins, Richard Bandler, Arthur Lydiard, Tad James, Emil Couer, Daniel Amen, Lanny Bassham and Eldon Taylor.

His published works include: Communicate: through the Windows of the Mindthe “Four Key Elements of a Successful Institutional Intervention,” Playing In the Zone Made Easy, When Time Doesn’t Heal, and The One Minute Leader: 52 Weeks to Success and posts on  “How to DEFRAG  Your Brain.” Coming: “5 Step Stress Coping Model.

Dr. Nichols recognizes everyone is a Genius in something. And now with the new applications he is there to help you deal resourcefully with your future.  He teaches you how to achieve your goals and dreams, overcome obstacles, and become who you are destined to be via his  Stress and Coping  process  which is the short cut common denominator to pulling together what is already on your inside found in the Genius you. During his training you will activate you vision, create success and become the real you by turning on your success endorphins and neurotransmitters.