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Guest Name
Dr Laura Derr
Guest Occupation
Psyhologist, Ppriritual Teacher of Divine feminine
Guest Biography

Laura Derr is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience, and 30 years of spiritual practice, 20 years in Buddhist mediation community, and 10 years with the new teachings of Jesus. She was ordained in June, 2016 as an Interfaith Minister. Her spiritual path has revealed a strong intuitive awareness, and the conviction that this awareness is available to everyone.




Marcia McMahon

11 February 2017

Tonights episode on the Peaceful Planet with Marcia McMahon, host, we will speak with Dr. Laura Derr.  Laura will provide insight into her spiritual journey and awakening process.  She will discuss past lives and how the Ascended Masters opened up to reveal her fascinating connections thru the Akashic. records.  Laura feels a real connection energetically  to masters such as Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. She will share part fo her spiritual journey and her ministry!