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Dr David Bernstein
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Geriatrician, Aging & life longevity expert
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How to live longer and feel better is the subject of David Bernstein, MD latest book: “I’ve Got Some Good News and Some Bad News You’re OLD: Tales of a Geriatrician What to Expect in Your 60s, 70s, 80s and Beyond."

“You’re Old” uses real patient experiences to explore what happens as we age—physically, mentally, and socially. The book also examines the tremendous abilities of medicine today as well as its limits and the social issues that adults in America face as they age.

Using the acronym G.R.A.C.E. he describes the five life choices to age GRACEfully with each chapter concluding with Notes on Living Longer, and a vast resource section, that can help the reader better understand and prepare for the prize of surviving youth and middle-age; becoming old.

Dr. Bernstein is an upbeat speaker with positive and powerful messages. His 30 years of experience as a board certified physician in both Internal Medicine and Geriatrics has provided him with opportunities to observe and empathize with thousands of adults as they age. He uses genuine patient examples and experiences as a physician to motivate others while describing the traits he has discovered in his patients who have lived longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Dr. Bernstein often speaks to healthcare professionals, senior groups and baby boomers. He shares with them a message that focuses on healthy lifestyle choices, healing, resilience and personal and professional success.

Dr. Bernstein's Topics Include:
◦ Aging GRACEfully: A geriatrician's secrets to a healthier and more fulfilling life
◦ But Doctor I’m a Good Driver: Driving and the Aging Adult—taking the car keys away
◦ Addressing End of Life decisions without fear
◦ "Begin with the End in Mind" —making health decision in a complex medical system
◦ The Adventure begins: Riding the roller coaster with your aging parents