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Dolphin Kasper
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Author, Facilitator and Inspired Speaker
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Dolphin grew up in Vancouver BC.  For as long as he can remember he has been a passionate student of life and the human condition.  He loves the opportunity to share and grow with people through his work and brings a clarity, sensitivity and playfulness to it.  With over 15 years of experience coaching and facilitating workshops to tens of thousands, Dolphin is a beautiful combination of insight and action.   He is constantly inviting others to join him in a more authentic life; the one that we all are here to live.

“I do this work because of my strong belief and trust in each person’s ability to heal, grow and live a deeply satisfying life.  We cannot do it all, or fix everything.  We can, however, do the good that is there to be done in this moment.  In that, we can be the ripple that touches the entire surface of the earth “ ~ Dolphin Kasper