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Dennis Mackay
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Legendary guitarist & songwriter Tommy Bolin’s Teaser album was recorded at The Record Plant in Los Angeles, CA in July 1975 with additional recording at Electric Lady Studios in New York (September), and Trident Studios in London (October). It was mixed at Trident Studios in London by Dennis MacKay. Production credits went to Tommy Bolin and Lee Kiefer except for “People People” and “Marching Powder,” which were produced by Dennis MacKay. Those two tracks were done late to fill out the album out better and required Tommy and Dennis to travel back to Electric Lady to record the material. MacKay would go on to co-produce Private Eyes with Tommy in 1976.

Private Eyes/Tommy Bolin released in 1976. After recording finished at Cherokee the album was mixed at Trident Studios in London. MacKay demonstrated great skill in editing and mixing the material, turning seven days of rapid recording by an unrehearsed band into an iconic album. Dennis MacKay would go on to engineer or produce a remarkable range of artists including Tommy Bolin, Jeff Beck, Judas Priest, Return to Forever, Billy Cobham, Brand X, Gong, Pat Travers, Al DiMeola, David Bowie, Mick Ronson, Jack Bruce, Whitney Houston and the list goes on and on …. Mackay won a Grammy Award in 2010 for the Stanley Clarke Band Best Contemporary Jazz Album.


Year    Album Artist  

2019    Only After Dark: The Complete Mainman Recordings         Mick Ronson  Engineer, Mixing

2018    Plays Well With Others          Phil Collins     Producer

2017    MCA Years     Tygers of Pan Tang     Engineer, Producer

2014    The Box Set Series      Judas Priest     Producer

2014    Up       Stanley Clarke / Stanley Clarke Band            Engineer, Mixing

2013    Stained Class/Ram It Down   Judas Priest     Producer

2012    The Complete Albums Collection      Judas Priest     Producer

2012    The Complete Columbia Albums Collection Return to Forever        Engineer, Mixing

2011    Tour De Force: Live/Scenario            Al Di Meola    Producer, Engineer

2010    Electric Guitarist/Electric Dreams      John McLaughlin        Engineer, Associate Producer

2010    Good Luck Studio      Friday Mile     Producer

2010    Rocks, Pebbles and Sand/Let Me Know You Stanley Clarke Introduction, Sound Production

2010    Splendido Hotel/Electric Rendevous Al Di Meola    Producer, Engineer

2010    The Music of Judas Priest       Judas Priest     Producer

2010    The Stanley Clarke Band       Stanley Clarke / Stanley Clarke Band            Engineer

2009    Cass Elliot/The Road Is No Place for a Lady/Don't Call Me Mama Anymore          Cass Elliot            Assistant Engineer

2009    Cielo e Terra/Soaring Through a Dream        Al Di Meola    Engineer, Audio Engineer

2009    The Collection [2009] Whitney Houston        Engineer

2008    8+8: Best of '77-'80     Pat Travers      Producer

2008    Believer           Dolorata          Producer, Engineer, Violin, Pre-Production, Vocal Engineer

2008    Can You Follow [Deluxe Box Set]    Jack Bruce       Producer

2008    Original Album Classics         Jeff Beck         Audio Production

2008    Rock Me         Molly McNight           Mixing

2008    The Anthology            Return to Forever        Engineer

2007    Stained Class/Point of Entry   Judas Priest     Producer

2007    The Essential John McLaughlin         John McLaughlin        Producer, Audio Production, Original Recording Producer

2007    Westminster & 5th      Beowulf          Audio Production

2006    Extended Versions      Vixen  Producer, Engineer, Mixing

2006    Live & Learn  Vixen  Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals

2006    Love, Death & Customer Service       Lauren Wood  Engineer, Audio Engineer

2005    Playin' with Carlos                  Producer

2005    Tall Tales and Short Stories    Tony MacLaren          Mixing

2004    Metalogy         Judas Priest     Producer

2003    20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Pat Travers           Pat Travers            Producer

2003    Hope in Anguish         East West        Producer, Engineer, Mixing

2003    Jet Set Jewel    Jack Bruce       Producer

2003    Revisited         Cowboys International            Producer

2002    Block Party Breaks, Vol. 2     DJ Pogo          Producer, Engineer

2002    Luckie Strike  The Mercury Project   Producer, Engineer, Mixing

2002    Twice Around the Houses/Wait till They Change the Backdrop       Jonathan Kelly / Jonathan Newby            Remixing

2001    The Best of Shooting Star      Shooting Star  Producer, Engineer

2001    The Invasion from Within      Tsunami Bomb           Producer, Audio Production

2000    Anthology       Al Di Meola    Producer, Engineer

2000    Future Is Turning        Luckie Strike  Producer, Engineer, Mixing

2000    Impressions of Christmas       Christopher Page        Producer, Engineer, Mixing

1999    Blown Zoomer            Producer, Mixing

1999    Classics           Kayak  Producer

1999    The Best of Vixen: Full Throttle        Vixen  Engineer

1999    Various Fusion 101                 Producer, Engineer, Mixing

1999    Vertú   Vertú   Producer, Engineer, Mixing

1998    A Night Out with Blue Plate Special  Blue Plate Special       Producer, Engineer

1997    Anthology       Shooting Star  Audio Production

1997    Jazz Fusion, Vol. 2 [Rhino]                Producer

1997    Lauren Wood [1997]  Lauren Wood  Engineer

1997    Lone Star Guitar         Rick Brannon  Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing

1996    Collection, Vol. 2       Paco de Lucía  Engineer

1996    Ecstasy's Dance: The Best of Narada Michael Walden         Narada Michael Walden         Engineer

1995    Man from Manhattan  Eddie Howell  Producer

1995    Paco de Lucia en Vivo Desde El Teatro Real/Passion, Grace and Fire/Live...One Summer N        Paco de Lucía          Engineer, Mixing

1995    Rite of Strings Stanley Clarke Engineer, Mixing

1995    The Best of Shakti      Shakti  Engineer

1994    Out of the Mist/Illusion           Illusion            Mixing

1993    Metal Works '73-'93   Judas Priest     Producer

1993    The Famous Charisma Box                Producer

1992    Labyrinth        Kerri Anderson           Engineer

1992    Racine Sass Jordan     Engineer

1991    Hungry            XYZ    Engineer

1991    Ink       The Fixx          Engineer

1991    Shooting Star/Hang on for Your Life Shooting Star  Producer

1991    The Best of Pat Travers           Pat Travers      Producer

1991    The Regulators            Regulators       Engineer

1990    Rev It Up        Vixen  Engineer, Audio Engineer

1990    The Party        The Party        Engineer

1990    Trixter Trixter Engineer

1989    Barry Manilow            Barry Manilow           Engineer

1989    The Ultimate: The Best of Tommy Bolin       Tommy Bolin  Producer

1989    Willpower: A Twenty-Year Retrospective     Jack Bruce       Engineer

1988    Metal Giants               Producer

1988    Out of Control Dynasty           Engineer

1988    The Best of John McLaughlin [Wounded Bird]         John McLaughlin        Producer

1987    A Wingful of Eyes      Gong   Producer

1987    Tirami Su        Al di Meola Project     Engineer

1987    Whitney          Whitney Houston        Engineer

1986    Benny from Here        Benny Hester  Mixing, Mix Down

1986    One on One     Steve Camp     Engineer

1986    Smoke Signals Smokey Robinson       Engineer

1985    Durell Coleman           Durell Coleman           Engineer, Mixing

1985    Metal Fatigue  Allan Holdsworth       Engineer

1983    Boom Boom: The Best of Pat Travers            Pat Travers      Producer

1983    No Parole from Rock 'N' Roll Alcatrazz         Producer, Mixing

1983    Passion, Grace & Fire Al Di Meola / Paco de Lucía / John McLaughlin       Engineer, Mixing Engineer

1983    Scenario          Al Di Meola    Producer, Engineer, Assistant Producer

1982    Tour de Force: Live    Al Di Meola    Producer, Engineer

1981    Crazy Nights   Tygers of Pan Tang     Producer, Engineer

1981    Electric Rendezvous   Al Di Meola    Producer, Engineer

1981    Hang On For Your Life          Shooting Star  Producer, Audio Production

1981    Radio Active   Pat Travers      Producer, Mixing

1980    Crash and Burn           Pat Travers      Producer, Engineer

1980    Everything Is Grey     Ironhorse         Producer, Engineer

1979    Electric Guitarist         John McLaughlin        Producer, Engineer

1979    G-Force           Gary Moore / Gary Moore & G-Force           Engineer, Remixing

1979    The Original Sin         Cowboys International            Producer

1978    Alivemutherforya        Billy Cobham  Mixing

1978    Magic/Simplicity of Expression: Depth of Thought  Billy Cobham  Engineer, Remixing

1978    Phantom of the Night Kayak  Producer, Arranger

1978    Spellbound      Alphonso Johnson       Producer, Engineer

1978    Stained Class   Judas Priest     Producer

1977    Go Too            Stomu Yamashta / Stomu Yamashta's Go      Producer

1977    Magic  Billy Cobham  Engineer, Remixing

1977    Moroccan Roll            Brand X          Producer

1977    Out of the Mist            Illusion            Mixing

1976    A Handful of Beauty  Shakti  Engineer

1976    Airborne          Curved Air      Producer

1976    Expresso          Gong   Producer, Engineer

1976    Gazeuse!         Gong   Producer, Engineer

1976    Inner Worlds   Mahavishnu Orchestra / John McLaughlin     Associate Producer

1976    Private Eyes    Tommy Bolin  Producer

1976    Spiders from Mars      The Spiders from Mars           Producer

1976    Unorthodox Behaviour           Brand X          Producer, Engineer, Mixing

1976    Wired  Jeff Beck         Engineer

1975    First Starring Role      Bob Sargeant  Percussion

1975    Play Don't Worry        Mick Ronson  Engineer

1975    Romantic Warrior       Return to Forever        Engineer, Remixing

1975    Teaser  Tommy Bolin  Mixing, Original Recording Producer, Producer

1975    Venusian Summer       Lenny White   Engineer, Remixing, Percussion, Gong

1975    Visions of the Emerald Beyond         Mahavishnu Orchestra            Tape Operator

1974    Slaughter on 10th Avenue      Mick Ronson  Engineer