Guest, Deborah Mills

Guest Name: 
Deborah Mills
Deborah Mills
Guest Occupation: 
Healer, Ascension Guide and International Teacher
Guest Biography: 

Deborah Mills is a gifted healer, ascension guide and international teacher who has been involved in Healing Arts for over 30 years.  She is the Director of Soul Focused Healing and teaches 18 Month Certification Programs in the Esoteric Art of Energy Medicine and self-mastery through a modern expression of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. Deborah assists people in awakening to deeper levels of their Divine Essence and purpose, navigating from the limitations of the personality into the freedom of the Soul aligned with the Heart of God.

Deborah is also a liaison for the Ascended Masters and has been leading annual Sacred Journey Retreats to Mount Shasta since 2008 and serves as an ambassador for the ancient 5th Dimensional Lemurian community of Telos.

At the request of the Ascended Masters, Deborah has been co-facilitating Mastery Trainings in Mount Shasta with them since 2009. In 2015 the Masters asked her to take these trainings out beyond Mount Shasta which she continues to do, assisting people to awaken to deeper levels of their Divinity or I AM Presence within the heart.

Deborah is the Executive Director of the School of Healing and Enlightenment, a Global Project to help educate and support the awakening 5th Dimensional Consciousness on Earth. She is dedicated to the evolution of humanity and the Completion of the Plan of Light on Earth.