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Guest Name
David Hill
Guest Occupation
Chief Medical Officer, Pioneer of Integrative Medicine, Essential Oils Expert, Chriopractor, Advisor, Speaker, Writer, Author
Guest Biography

Dr. David K. Hill is the Chief Medical Officer of dōTERRA Intl, LLC. He is a pioneering expert and dynamic leader in the field of integrative medicine with special expertise in the use and application of essential oils. Driven to seek alternative solutions to health, Dr. Hill devotes his time to extensive research and study in the area of natural medicine, more specifically essential oils and their extraordinary healing powers. He is the developer of the ArōmaTouch™ Technique – a clinical approach to the application of essential oils.

After receiving his degree in Chiropractic medicine from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Hill spent time increasing his experience and knowledge of the field of medicine, both traditional and integrative. This included years of family practice, and working with the staff in many hospitals. Joining the hospitals as a member of their active physician and ancillary staff provided him with valuable insight into the traditional protocols and practices of modern medicine. In addition, it allowed insight into where the gaps between traditional and integrative lie; and where they could complement each other.

 Dr. Hill is well recognized in the field of integrative medicine and essential oils, and as such he has been invited to interact with a number of large, established hospitals including Beth Israel Medical Center, one of New York City’s premier hospitals, consulting with them on ways to integrate essential oils into modern medical practice. Dr. Hill was also an active member of the advisory board for the Urban Zen Initiative, an organization created by Donna Karan to promote the implementation of integrative medicine into traditional Western medicine.

Today, Dr. Hill is often invited to participate in radio and TV programs, most recently speaking about essential oils on BBC radio. He travels the globe sharing his expertise with doctors, educators, researchers, and individuals on the value of essential oils and whole body system health. He is the author of numerous books, manuals, and pamphlets. After extensive experience, Dr. Hill stands at the head of a new era of education and understanding of natural medicine and essential oils. He remains on the cutting edge of technology by immersing himself in research, and is dedicated to educating and empowering others to take control of their own health.