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Guest Name
Dave Kincaid
Guest Occupation
Permaculture and Sustainable off grid living practitioner
Guest Biography


A Tool and Die Maker and Tool Designer by trade, in 2011 PermaDave purchased 40 offgrid acres at 6000’ in Northern AZ to create his own vision of an eco-village style homestead, where his soul family could live and thrive together for generations to come.

After discovering Permaculture in his quest for sustainable offgrid living techniques, PermaDave has since completed 3 Permaculture Design Courses and his life is forever changed and charged with a passion to learn and share the knowledge and wisdom of the Ethics and Design Principles of Permaculture throughout the world.

His vision is to make Permaculture a household word and reach as many people as possible as we rediscover this 10,000 year old science that deals with sustainable human habitation on this planet in all of its forms.