Guest, Cyd Deathe

Guest Name: 
Cyd Deathe
Cyd Deathe
Guest Occupation: 
Executive Director of Marine Families of Tampa, FL
Guest Biography: 

Marine Families was founded in 2004 with its home base located in Tampa, FL.  Ms. Cyd Deathe is a founder and its current executive director.

The organization was an idea born from 7 "newbie" Marine parents who were preparing to send their sons/daughters to war.   Needing the support of others who understood what they were going through, a monthly "muster" was established to offer a time of support and fellowship. During the years that followed the vision grew, as did our outreach, and we evolved into an organization serving a variety of needs to military and veteran families locally, throughout the US and across the globe.

Providing support, networking and camaraderie; we believe this military journey is not meant to walk alone.

Our projects, programs and annual events create opportunities for community involvement  while promoting awareness and education on the daily sacrifices being made.

While founded by Marine Families we offer inclusion of all branches, veterans and patriotic supporters.