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Guest Name
Connie Stapleton
Guest Occupation
Psychologist, Addiction Therapist, Author, Columnist, Presenter, Speaker
Guest Biography

Dr. Stapleton is a licensed psychologist who has worked in the Augusta area since moving here in 1997. Connie, her husband, and their three children are originally from Iowa. Dr. Stapleton completed her doctoral degree at Texas A&M University and her internship at the Medical College of Georgia.

Dr. Stapleton and her husband opened Mind Body Health Services in 2006. The business continues to grow steadily and the providers see people of all ages for therapy.

In addition to seeing individuals for therapy, Dr. Stapleton also works with couples. She sees patients at Mind Body Health Services in the evenings. She also works at the Medical College of Georgia in Student Health Services. In addition, she works extensively with local surgeons who conduct weight loss surgery.

Dr. Stapleton recently published a book on living a balanced life and the prevention of weight regain following bariatric surgery.

Dr. Stapleton is a certified addiction therapist, specializing in all addictions. She most recently obtained certification in sex addiction. She currently works extensively with persons suffering from obesity. She has written a number of articles for Obesity Help magazine, has been cited as an expert in several other magazine articles, and has appeared on the WGAC Morning Coffee Break with Harley Drew and Mary Liz Nolan. Dr. Stapleton is a presenter at the National Obesity Help conferences at various locations throughout the United States. She has also been a presenter at local CSRA events, speaking on topics including the stress associated with infertility and the stress associated with diabetes.

Dr. Stapleton is available to speak at local organizations. She enjoys educating people. Her passion is to inspire others to live full, happy, balanced lives.

Spending time with her husband and children are Connie’s favorite way to spend her time when she is not working. She is an outdoor person who loves playing at the lake with her family friends, and animals.