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Clint Pearman
Dr. Clint Pearman, Author, Speaker, Mental Toughness Expert, U.S. Marine, Psychologist, Founder of Copenology, Professor, Director, Success Coach and Radio Show Host
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Author, Speaker, Mental Toughness Expert, U.S. Marine, Psychologist, Founder of Copenology, Professor, Director, Success Coach, Radio Show Host
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Dr. Clint Pearman - Author, Speaker, Mental Toughness Expert

I believe: most people live and operate 2 to 5 times below their God given talent, potential and desire, living lives of subtle quiet desperation never achieving their dreams and goals.

My mission: is to be the source or force of motivation, education, inspiration and empowerment that compels everyone that crosses my path to develop their God-given talent, potential and desire and experience their dreams and goals.

Proverbs 9:9  Teach the wise, and they will be wiser. Teach the righteous, and they will learn more.

About Dr. Clint: Originally from New York, Clint moved to Florida at the age of 13 when his parents retired. While in Florida, he was a standout athlete at Lake Weir High School playing and lettering in football, basketball, baseball, and setting records in track and field. Being around coaches the first 18 years of his life, along with the influence of his dad and big brother he developed a winner's mindset that didn't stop when he graduated from high school.

After high school, Clint spent the next 31 years of his adult life in the world's premier leadership and mental toughness training and development organization, the United States Marine Corps. While in the Marines he completed a Bachelors in Business Management, Masters in Organization Psychology, and a Doctorate in Psychology. As a continuous life long learner, at the start of 2009 he was back in school studying health and wellness.

During his last 10 years in the Marines he focused on and studied how the Marine Corps develops some of the most mentally tough people on the planet, put them in the most difficult and stressful situations imaginable and not only expect them to succeed but to excel. With this information he conceived and developed the Mental Toughness Paradigm (MTP) - How ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. The MTP identifies, and explains the 3 fundamental components required for all extraordinary achievements: mental programming, bio/chemical conditioning, and behavioral automation.

In 2001 Dr. Clint Founded the North American Center For Optimum Performance Enabling Neuroscience (NACOPEN) R&D to research brain science discoveries that can contribute to optimum human performance. NACOPEN R&D then converts and synthisies this research into practical daily applications that can be used by ordinary people to achieve more success, live up to their potential and do extraodinary things.

In 2002 Dr. Clint founded and developed the new science of success called Copenology; an interdisciplinary field that studies all scientific research related to how we succeed or fail to live up to our potential. Dr. Clint has successfully applied Copenology principles in a variety of fields ranging from sales professionals at world class companies, weight loss programs in the US Navy, entrepreneurs, network marketers, homeless shelters, couples trying to improve their relationships, and many other endeavors where optimum human performance is important.

Today America's leading Copenologist and Mental Toughness Authority Dr. Clint speaks to groups large and small about how to get your brain to help you live up to your personal and professional potential and achieve your dreams and goals. His latest book, "The Gift: Twelve Ingredients to Improve Your Life," is a compilation of 12 very important ingredients to success that most of us were never taught while growing up and many of us still don't know them.

A few other things Dr. Clint has done you might want to know about:

• Professor Central Texas College

• Director Drug Education For Youth, Santa Ana, Ca

• Conducted Leadership and Management training: James Hardie Building Products the world leader in Fiber Cement Siding

• Conducted Soft Skills Training: World Vision a Global Leader in community development, disaster relief and advocacy.

• Conducted Sales and Customer Service Training: USAA a world leader in Financial Services and the worlds leading customer service company.

• Co-Host Success Talk Radio: Blog Talk Radios first show focused on encouraging, enlightening, educating, and empowering ordinarily people to achieve extraordinary things.

• Founder/CEO/President: The Synergistic Coaching Solution; the world's first success coaching program for the ordinary everyday person.