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Guest Name
Guest Occupation
Contactee, Paranomal Photographer, Elemental Communicator
Guest Biography

"Cheryl from Texas" has an extraordinary ability to connect in with the multi and ultra dimensional worlds.  Her gift started at a very young age and along with a photographic memory she was constantly receiving guidance from what as a child she called "from those above."  When adults would ask her a question, her "folks from above" would telepathically give her the answers which led the adults to think she was exceptionally bright.  

Although her grandmother was intuitive and her grandfather had a genius I.Q. they discounted her sightings until one time, at the age of 15 when Cheryl was in the woods walking with her Grandfather he saw her "friends" plain as scared him and they never talked about it afterwards.

She remembers small green beings coming to the window, place their faces near the glass and smile.  Her Mother, being very religious, would have none of it even though two children of her mother's friends swore they also saw Star Craft with her.

Cheryl went through various stages of wanting to fit in, wanting to be normal and during those times her ultra-dimensional friends honored her wishes and pulled back, but she knew they were always around her.  They were near yet no longer conversing telepathically and their level of protection was not as strong.

Now she celebrates her connection with the elementals, the fairies, the elves, dwarves, small folk and of course the Galactic Beings.  Cheryl is honored that they allow her to take photos...she sees them in a field that looks like parallel world's converging.

Her honoring of the elemental realm includes not cutting trees except with their permission to trim, leaving tall grass for the small folk and the animal kingdom and communicating with the elementals when work on the land needs to be done to be in harmony with all living there.

Cheryl frequently experiences plasma, organic and metallic ships flying over her home.  There have been many interactions between military craft and the Galactic Craft where she lives.  Her photos of orbs, plasma craft and Light Beings are spectacular.

Cheryl's main message is to the importance of raising awareness that we are not alone...we share space with so many beings.  Being kind to all sentient beings is important.  The more we are kind to each Mother the plant the elementals...the more we raise our consciousness and vibrations which allows us to see and interact with Beings from all dimensions.