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Carla St Laurent
Carla St Laurent - Reiki Doc
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I am a conventional doctor of medicine, who is also blessed with the gift of clairvoyance. I have been through training as a psychic, a healer, and a medium in addition to my training in an anesthesiologist. My passion is to bring healing to a whole new dimension: with Spirit. Healers of the past, used spiritual technique because there was no technology to aid them in the care of patients. Medicine has progressed to the point where multiple-drug resistant organisms, advanced cancers, and other incurable disease is causing suffering to a multitude of people on earth. Why not put Reiki and other energy healing techniques, which are traditionally the expertise of 'alternative' medical therapy, and combine the best of both worlds? This is my dream, and I hope, yours too: to take medicine to the next level in compassion and efficacy for everyone who is experiencing disease. One patient at a time, for the past five years since I learned Reiki, I have made this form of healing available as part of their treatment for anyone who wishes to have it. For free.