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Spiritual Coach, retreat facilitator
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Through Retreats, One-on-One Sessions and Spiritual Coaching, of Evolution of the Heart, Bill  provides  guidance for a thriving life. He believes  that to fully thrive and live from your center, a healed and whole foundation is necessary. The modalities that flow are unique to each individual; providing specialized support for the healing needed to rebuild and strengthen the souls foundation and heart. 

Bill’s Mission

I know the importance of surrendering to the opening of my own heart and embracing the brightness of the light within. Through deep awareness and guidance, I support you in moving towards your opportunities for profound healing, so that you too may step into the freedom to be who you have come here to be. I use real-time healing and practical tools and practices to support you in building emotional muscle. Through the process, you will discover your own strength and resilience and the truth of who you really are. Patricia and I started Evolution of the Heart from the fundamental desire of people wanting to open their hearts and live a life of fulfillment and freedom.

Bill’s Evolution

It was through 30 years of seeking and experiencing many modalities of religion and spirituality, that I finally discovered my own true, divine path. I was born in London, England in 1947 and moved to the United States as a toddler. My childhood military family set the foundation from which I would grow. I became a certified Federal Aviation Agency Technician and later moved into the automotive industry. I owned and operated a successful business for 30 years before turning my attention fully towards supporting others on their paths to enlightenment. I now live in San Diego, California, and I am so grateful to share this life with my wife, Patricia, and our beautiful children and grandchildren.

Bill’s Work

Using both sensitivity and strength, I welcome you into self-acceptance and forgiveness, guiding you through pain, grief, fear and anger. I support you in building and strengthening your own foundation, providing tools and skills for emotional and spiritual growth. Our work together offers you the opportunity to transform into the person you are here to be. I also lead Man to Man Coaching, a coaching practice to support the everyday man to heal and awaken. “When you can move into acceptance of what life is right now, you are in the movement of what is truly inviting you to experience the depth of yourself.”

Bill’s Credentials

My own journey of awakening has led me to extensively explore both mentoring and healing, developing skills across several healing modalities and professional certifications. Devotion and commitment have blessed me with the opportunity to have been among many gifted teachers, always discovering even greater depths of my own heart.