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Guest Name
Ariel Resuta
Guest Occupation
Crystal Child and Empathic Healer
Guest Biography

Ariel Resuta was born AWAKE and empathic from birth. Ariel was an extremely sensitive child with powerful psychic abilities. Crystal children were born during the late 1980s and into the 2000s. 

At the age of three years old, she remembered her past lives, children, and how she died. When walking down the staircase in her parent's two-story foyer, holding her mother's hand she and her mother both heard a choir of angels. 

Ariel heard this choir twice more, right before meeting a very special person or a very powerful life-event.

Losing her father at the age of sixteen was a drastic turning point for her. Everything changed in a flash. A change of scene was needed to allow healing and a move to the Mojave Desert seemed just the ticket. This was a drastic change in life circumstances for her. One moment she was living in Boulder Colorado where she had friends, within months moved to the desert of California where everything was dry, drab, "The Land of Tan" She called it.

Ariel focused on school and graduated early even after losing four months of time. Once out of high school she returned to Colorado and then pursued a degree in Baking and Pastry. Ariel is currently in massage school in Colorado beginning a career in the healing arts.