Guest, Antonia Lau

Guest Name: 
Antonia Lau
Antonia Lau
Guest Occupation: 
Master Psychic
Guest Biography: 

Antonia Lau is a World Class, Master Psychic, born with the ability noted since very early childhood. She actually 'sees and hears' Your Guide/Guardian Angel. Having given over 50,000 Readings she is highly-respected for accuracy and her work to aid all persons in achieving their highest and best, in every area of their lives as well as for creating greater soul growth for everyone her life touches. She is called the Celebrities Psychic, and Psychic to the Stars because of her vast work as a Metaphysical/Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, and deep researcher for over forty yrs, Antonia is an Award Winning Radio Show Host with her show, Beyond the Here and Now. She is also a healer who works to inspire Ascension and Greater Evolution of the Human Planetary Lifestream