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Guest Name
Antonia Lau
Guest Occupation
Metaphysical Researcher, Counseler, Educator, Instructor, Speaker, Writer, Psychic, Talk Show Host
Guest Biography

With over 40 years of intense Metaphysical & Spiritual Study, Practice and Research, Antonia Lau has used her vast expertise to counsel, educate, and instruct, in over 50,000 Readings.  She has clients Worldwide, ranging from top Celebrities, Doctors, Lawyers, and high-powered Business Executives to the average person, from every walk of Life.

With an extremely high level of accuracy, a high repeat clientele, and referral base, she has used her Psychic Gift to successfully aid the quality of Life, of everyone she touches.  Her warm, patient and charming personality, coupled with this marvellous gift, has given her a stellar reputation.  

Antonia has been a successful radio and TV talk show host, since the 1980s. Her first radio show, on KFOX 92.5 FM, in Los Angeles, was called "All That I Am", which  featured Celebrity and Expert guests for interviews on Spiritual/Metaphysical topics. The radio show was subsequently reformatted as a Television Talk Show for syndication, titled, 'A Road Less Traveled'. Her current, award winning radio show, "Beyond the Here and Now", which garners a loyal audience of over 200,000 listeners per week, has also been reformatted into a syndicated TV show, for distribution and syndication.

 Psychic, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient since early childhood, Antonia knew this gift must be used properly, for the benefit of others and learned ONLY from the 'Light' sources.  Not believing it is enough, just to be Psychic, she studied the areas of Metaphysics, Spirituality, Parapsychology along with Natural depth, to form a vast foundation and wellspring of positive knowledge on all these subjects, to help Mankind form a better understanding and awareness of Himself, and God and the Universe.

All along the way... remaining a hard and fast skeptic; not just studying, but forcing 'The Universe' to prove the validity to her... by experiencing them.  On top of being well versed in the  Highest Use, in the areas of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Graphology; she found she was able to actually see and hear her clients 'Guide' or 'Guardian Angel' long before the trend in books and movies, etc. about others who do so.

Currently in Development for a syndicated Television Show, Antonia is writing a book series (the 1st and 2nd of the series, titled 'The Spiritual Value of Relationships', AND the TRUTH about the '2012 and Beyond- MAJOR EARTH CHANGES Event and How to Properly Prepare', while still counseling Clients, Teaching, Hosting Workshops on Antonia is also Hosting another Radio Talk Show, called 'BEYOND THE HERE & NOW with ANTONIA LAU'  and can be heard  at , the #1 Digital Radio over IP, out of Burbank, CA, (with over 5.7 Million ACTUAL Listener's WorldWide, since JULY 2011) on Wednesdays 2-4pm ,  Saturdays & Sundays at 2-5PM Pacific Time, WORLDWIDE!!!! ... to allow her knowledge to aid the lives of all who  listen or call.

 Antonia consistently maintains a high degree of professionalism to further enhance knowledge on Spiritual/Metaphysical subjects and Lectures and teaches to positively benefit the lives of others, hence...Our World.