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Guest Name
Anthony Jurak
Guest Occupation
Alternative Health Practitioner, Founder of Jurak World Wide Inc.
Guest Biography

The health of America and the world in general is deteriorating faster than our good doctors can handle, and so just maybe, the only thing we can count on is our body itself...that marvelous machine that is so complicated that all our best scientists still cannot seem to stop it from breaking down...I think we refer to that as "getting old"!

So what to do??? Well here I am at 75 years of age, never having been to a doctor for any illness...never having taken any prescription drug...never getting a cold...never having a poor sleep pattern...never having stomach upset...never lacking energy...never whatever else you can think of!!!


This family company bears the names of my Dad, CARL JURAK, (pictured here in the 1940’s when he began to commercialize his preparation) who developed the extraordinary formula, JURAK CLASSIC WHOLE BODY TONIC, fondly known as JC TONIC®, The Youth Solution® and that of my Mom, HELENA JURAK in whose honor we named another extraordinary formula, HELENA® WHOLE BODY SKIN REJUVENATOR.

Was my Dad a genius??? He sure must have been pretty smart to have developed such formulae...or was it that he just NEVER GAVE UP?? You see, he worked on the JC TONIC® formula for about 20 years during the 1920’s and 1930’s to achieve his unbelievable molecular chain and was finally ready to commercialize that miracle in 1943.

So this "preparation", as he called it until he began to market it, when it was given the name MATONOL, is as DANIEL B. MOWREY, PhD referred to it, "a TRUE Whole Body Tonic".