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Anne Salisbury & Greg Meyerhoff
Anne Salisbury & Greg Meyerhoff
Guest Occupation
intuitives, authors
Guest Biography

Anne Salisbury, PhD and Greg Meyerhoff are internationally known intuitives and award-winning best-selling authors of intuition books including Journey to Heaven: An Insider’s Guide to the Afterlife. You can visit them at and

Today they will be sharing with us about their book Journey to Heaven: An Insider’s Guide to the Afterlife.

Over the last 30 years, they have helped tens of thousands of clients gain clarity, direction, and purpose in relationships, health, and work. They are clairvoyants who connect you with your pets and loved ones.

They also offer energy clearings for your home and your office. (See:

To increase your intuitive skills and live your passion, train with them and become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through their Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute. Become certified in past life regression, medical hypnosis, and intuitive skills. (See:

About Anne Salisbury, PhD, MBA - Go Intuition

About Greg Meyerhoff, CPC, CCHt - Go Intuition