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Guest Name
Andrew Newman
Guest Occupation
Award-winning author and founder of Conscious Stories, LLC
Guest Biography


Andrew Newman is the award-winning author and founder of Conscious Stories, LLC, a growing series of 12 bedtime stories purpose-built to support conscious parenting and parent-child bonding. His professional background includes deep training in therapeutic healing work and mindfulness. He brings a calm yet playful energy to events and workshops where he is a speaker, inviting and encouraging the creativity of his audiences. Andrew has extensive experience engaging with children K-5, parents, and teachers alike.

He has been opening an speaker for Deepak Chopra, a Tedx presenter in Findhorn, Scotland and author-in-residence at the Bixby School in Boulder, Colorado. Andrew is a graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Healing and counsels parents to find their center so they can be more deeply present to their kids.

A Little Bit of Love

“Andrew’s ability to connect deeply with our children, to engage in their ideas, and create amazing stories inspired all of us. As a talented author, Andrew’s stories get to their heart of humanity in language that children understand. I can’t recommend Andrew highly enough!” — Beth Suitor, Head of School, Bixby School

“We bring speakers into our preschool every other month, and Andrew was such a favorite that we’ve invited him back multiple times. Citing recent neuroscience and developmental psychology, Andrew provided us with suggestions for evening rituals involving mindfulness practices that are both achievable and meaningful for children. Andrew will be one of the most uniquely engaging speakers your school will provide to your families.” Little Lyceum Montessori, Denver