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Guest Name
Alan and Sandra
Guest Occupation
Radio Show Hosts
Guest Biography

We are Frequency Twins Flames in Union. We are and identify as Rainbow Tribe that re-calibrate frequency with our voices and music as well as crystals! We assist in attunements that lessen anxiety, pain and illness! We keep a very close eye on earth and sun changes enabling us to assist you in knowing why you may feel certain pains in the body during solar changes, such as CME's, Solar Flares, and coronal holes and show you how to watch certain sites available to any person on this planet so you can understand why the solar lows affect the body and solar highs the brain! This is just as important as knowing the weather before you leave the house to protect yourself from the rain, snow or sun!! You can add these sites to your daily routine and be aware of what is going on not only with the Earth & Sun but your own body!!!

We also assist our clients with information about the Rainbow Family/ Rainbow Ray/ Diamond Ray explaining in detail each ray and why rainbows are here to master the Rays! Also what Twin Flame Alchemy is in simple terms! Some of these things can seem very difficult and we simplify as much as we can so that you have information that can assist you and others along your path!!

We have worked to bring the most information to each of you as quickly as possible in the shortest amount of time!

Plus we will always bring the very best information to you from other light workers on our radio show each and every Sunday from 11 am - 1 pm mst. In working with us you are playing a key role in assisting us in our mission with the Radio show and bringing you the highest quality guests and information available!

We look forward to working with you very soon! Namaste Angels