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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 26 April 2021

Godergy with Nanice Ellis

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We are living in a Time of Great Awakening. This often means that old spiritual beliefs and old religious doctrines are being questioned and discarded. Many people are left to feel all alone and without any real guidance from above. Where do you find God after you have left organized religion or discovered that your old beliefs don't hold water to the light of a new day?

Godergy is designed to help you create or re-create an intimate relationship with God on your terms. Godergy helps you turn the journey inside and connect to the Divine in a way in which only you could connect. Godergy brings the experience of God to Real Life and shows you how to discover the power within yourself and the power of prayer within God. Godergy is about the Evolution of Love for Humanity and Offers the Secrets of Spiritual Awakening.

Each week Nanice will explore a different spiritual concept that touches you in profound new ways and guides you to a greater truth within yourself. Her guests will share their own personal stories; and openly discuss how they found God on their own terms and how their lives have been impacted and transformed in powerful ways.

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Nanice Ellis

Nanice Ellis
Radio Talk Show Host, Lightworker, Ordained Non-denominational Minister, Global Facilitator of Peaceful Awakening, Founder and Facilitator of ECKO Coaching Institute, Theta Healer, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypno-therapist, International Life Coach, Author

LIGHTWORKER: Nanice Ellis has walked the Spiritual Path since the age of 12. After witnessing the contradictory beliefs of her Catholic Mother and Jewish Father, she set forth to discover God on her own terms. Nanice is an Ordained Non-denominational Minister who teaches others to find God within themselves. She is also is a Global Facilitator of Peaceful Awakening, Founder and Facilitator of ECKO Coaching Institute, Theta Healer, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypno-therapist, International Life Coach, Author of 7 Transformational Books, Radio Host and Voice for World Oneness.

The Mystery of Awakening is about to be Revealed...

We are living in a great time of Awakening. Life is moving us fast towards some cosmic shift which will change the way in which life herself operates. There is a great source speaking to you now behind every thought you think and every feeling you sense. This great source is one of love and kindness. It is directing you to the infinite discovery of who you really are. You may have sensed this all along or this concept may be new to you. Nonetheless, it is a real force working in your life - even now as you read this.

We are moving into a time of great change where everything we now know will be different. I'm not here to prophesize or predict what those changes will be. I am here with many others to help light the way through the darkness and facilitate the process of awakening.

The vibration on this planet Earth, is increasing rapidly until it reaches a point of saturation. Once this point is reached through the ever increasing vibration of people just like you and me, we will see great changes and the world as we have known for thousands of years will transform into a planet of light, love and oneness.

What does this mean for you in your life? It means that it is time to heal the past and forgive everyone who has ever violated you. It means seeing all those who ever hurt you and those you love as innocent - fully knowing that there was never anything to forgive. As you begin to see others as innocent, you realize that you too are also innocent - and always have been.

Suddenly this ever increasing feeling of unconditional self love and self acceptance begins to blossom up from deep within you.

It's time to release the idea of duality and separation by understanding that all the problems in the world and in your life have been manifested through the false belief that we are separate and must compete against each other because there is not enough. It is no longer necessary or supportive for you to hold on to the false belief that others can hurt you and you must protect yourself in all ways and at all costs.

It is time to wake up from the Dream.

When we embrace oneness - everything changes. Competition falls away. Protection is a thing of the past. Scarcity gives way to infinite abundance. Love rings true and we all choose in the direction of love and kindness. We are now opening to the intrinsic and unquestionable knowing that we really are one of a kind - wherever you look there is only one Kind.

The life you have been dreaming about is awaiting you. All that is required is that you embrace it with open arms and an OPEN HEART as you remember the oneness of Who You Really Are.

You are loved unconditionally

More About Nanice Ellis
Awakening Facilitator

Master Results Coach, Speaker and Author

As well as a powerful speaker, author and intuitive counselor and coach, Nanice Ellis is an Awakening Facilitator and master at turning challenges into triumphs. Through her wisdom, enthusiasm and unbelievable positive energy, Nanice creates significant, life-altering transformation in a safe and compassionate environment of unconditional acceptance and support.

Nanice understands that only in the face of fear, can we discover courage, and only when we feel most lost can we finally find our way home. In this truth she has found her sole purpose - to help others find their way through the darkness into the light, creating a safe space for virtually anyone to look deep within themselves and discover their own truths while tapping into their unlimited potential. Because of her unwavering love and compassion, others gravitate to Nanice for acceptance and support, trusting her to share in their journeys toward unconditional self acceptance.

Message from Nanice

I am a POWERFUL Healer and Coach because;

* I am crystal clear in mind, body and spirit

* My intuition is unshakable

* My intent is pure

* I see everyone as whole and perfect without conditions. When you view another as whole and perfect, regardless of current conditions, their DNA responds to that observation and reorganizes itself to a higher truth. This is the inner workings of the best healers on the planet

* Everything I do and say is congruent with unconditional LOVE and unbounded COMPASSION - which doesn't grow on trees but can be planted as seeds in the heart of another.

* I never leave a person in their version of the "dark". I always see them through to the light.

* I completely know and understand each step of the journey towards awakening.

* I provide guidance and support on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as needed.

* I speak to you, wherever you consciously are, in a way that easily resonates with you unquestionably. Doubt and uncertainty vanish into nothingness, allowing the space for healing and transformation.

* I have walked this path my self without any guidance or help - ultimately the seemingly complicated and confusing process empowered me with the divine mastery of knowing exactly how to free myself and countless others from the known and hidden traps of our minds. You get to benefit from my endless trials and errors that lasted way too many years to count. I can tell you now, I am grateful for every moment of confusion, fear and uncertainty because I now have the ability to facilitate awakening in individuals and groups in virtually no time at all. The path that ultimately taught me how to wake myself up led me to the peace, love and clarity of Who I Really Am - finally unlocking the mystery of my purpose on Earth.

Nanice coaches individuals, couples and groups around the world in discovering their authentic selves and tapping into the courage and inspiration to live extraordinary lives that support who they really are from the inside out. Her international clientele look to her to provide guidance, support and advice in assisting them to obtain personal and professional success. She is considered an expert in Spirituality, Self Esteem, Manifestation, Transformation, Intuition, Relationships, Communicating, Energy, Peace, Prosperity and Healing.

Nanice is a master at captivating audiences and leaving them wanting for more. Her passion for life shines through in her energetic spirit while her enthusiasm and excitement is contagious. She specializes in keynote presentations, seminars and workshops on Personal Transformation, Living from the Heart, Spirituality, Creating Extraordinary Relationships, Intuition, Uncovering Infinite Potential in the Workplace, Communication, Inner Power, Creating Peace & Balance, Discovering Your True Self and much more. Nanice has also appeared on Good Things Utah, E.S.P. And The Universe, Getting Personal with Linda Stein, Six Degrees Advice Line and in the Salt Lake Tribune. She is also the author of the inspirational books; The Infinite Power of YOU! Is There a White Elephant in Your Way? What If?? and Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad!, and the 30 Day Gratitude Journal.

Nanice has a Bachelor of Science in Community and Human Services, and is certified as a Master Results Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. She is vastly experienced in Coaching, Crisis Counseling, and Intuitive Consulting with more than 20 years of Public Speaking experience. Nanice is a member of both the NLP Society and the International Federation of Hypnosis.