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Godergy, November 16, 2010

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Godergy - November 16, 2010


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Nanice Ellis

We are living in a Time of Great Awakening. This often means that old spiritual beliefs and old religious doctrines are being questioned and discarded. Many people are left to feel all alone and without any real guidance from above. Where do you find God after you have left organized religion or discovered that your old beliefs don't hold water to the light of a new day?

Godergy is designed to help you create or re-create an intimate relationship with God on your terms. Godergy helps you turn the journey inside and connect to the Divine in a way in which only you could connect. Godergy brings the experience of God to Real Life and shows you how to discover the power within yourself and the power of prayer within God. Godergy is about the Evolution of Love for Humanity and Offers the Secrets of Spiritual Awakening.

Each week Nanice will explore a different spiritual concept that touches you in profound new ways and guides you to a greater truth within yourself. Her guests will share their own personal stories; and openly discuss how they found God on their own terms and how their lives have been impacted and transformed in powerful ways.

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