Finding Your Peace with Shelly J Miller

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Finding Your Peace

Finding Your Peace with Shelly J Miller
Show Host: 
Shelly J Miller


Finding Your Peace with Shelly J. Miller is a show dedicated to helping you to move into an experience of love peace and joy that lasts. Using the principles from the teachings of Jesus in A Course in Miracles, you will learn how to transform your life by becoming Miracle minded. Heal yourself, your relationships, your finances and gain clarity about any issues or circumstances you are experiencing, by understanding how to “remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence that is already within you”. We have misidentified with believing we are our body, and our Spiritual Awakening depends upon remembering that what we are here to do, in this temporary dream we call life, is to remember our innocence and extent that to our brothers. In truth we are Divine Spirit that lives eternally. To align with our Divine nature is to release thoughts of fear that is our ego, and instead, embrace thoughts of Love, which is what we are. Call in for a Mini Reading to gain clarity, receive Guidance, ask questions, and join the conversation. TO CONTACT SHELLY: WEBSITE WWW.SHELLYJMILLER.COM/HTML OR SHELLY@SHELLYJMILLER.COM TO BOOK A PRIVATE READING WITH SHELLY, PLEASE USE THE BOOKING LINK PROVIDED HERE: BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME, PHONE, EMAIL AND TIME ZONE.

Bi-Weekly Show
BBS Station 1
2:00 pm PT
2:55 pm PT

Talk Show Program Host

Shelly J Miller
Shelly J Miller
Laguna Niguel
CA - US Facebook - LinkedIn - YouTube - Psychic Medium on Facebook, Instagram
Intuitive Counselor, Psychic, Medium, Past Life Readings, Business Consulting, Transformational Life Coach

Shelly J. Miller is a Spiritual Teacher of A Course in Miracles. Shelly is also a gifted Psychic, Medium and an Akashic Records, ( Past Life ) Reader born with her Spiritual Gifts intact, who has been Reading and Coaching professionally for 30 years. At the age of 2 ½ years old, with a Spirit Guide on either side, Shelly looked down and saw that she was wearing baby sleepers, and realized that she had reincarnated. She was very angry at the thought that God would have sent her back, and determined then to find a way out in this lifetime to the experience of Heaven, One with God. At the age of 33, she asked God directly for an answer to how to find peace and stability in a world of constant change. In response, she was led on an inner journey of awakening towards Christ Consciousness, by learning to release ego and recognize fear and change fear to love. In 2013, Shelly was introduced, for the second time, to the Non Dual Teachings of Jesus in A Course In Miracles. Applying the principles, in 2014, at one of the most challenging times of her life, she was beseeching God for her external circumstances to change to relieve the pain she was in. There was an audible “click” in her head and, in an instant, she had Divine Revelation of God, and experienced the answer to the question she had asked God 24 years earlier. She understood that eternal peace and unconditional love of God exist within us, and nothing need change outside of us for us to experience Heaven within. A second Divine Revelation happened that same year, and she was told by Spirit, that she would become A Course In Miracles teacher, helping herself and others find their way to love, peace and joy that lasts, thereby ending the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. To learn more about Shelly J. Miller and her work, please visit WWW.SHELLYJMILLER.COM/HTML. TO BOOK A PRIVATE READING WITH SHELLY, PLEASE USE THIS LINK: BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME, PHONE, EMAIL, AND TIME ZONE.


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Headlined Show, Finding Your Peace April 25, 2021

Finding Your Peace with Shelly J Miller
Broadcast Date: 
April 25, 2021

Finding Your Peace with Shelly J. Miller

EPSISODE 1: April 25, 2021


Have you ever wondered if you could find the lasting peace you hope to find in Heaven now in your present lifetime? Finding your peace is a challenge because most of us are looking for it outside of ourselves in things and in others, where we will never truly find it. Host, Shelly J. Miller will talk about why our peace is temporary, and the practice necessary to not only make the experience of love peace and joy last, but free you from the illusory cycles of birth, death and rebirth. Time/Space is given for one reason only, and that is to use the course of your lifetimes to learn only one lesson. It is not possible to be separate from our Divine Self, God and each other. By using the Principles of A Course In Miracles, a book dictated by Jesus to a scribe in 1965, yes, Jesus wrote a book after his resurrection, you will learn the steps necessary to free yourself from fear and awaken spiritually, by identifying with yourself as Divine and Eternal with the help of the Miracle, which is a change in perception. Shelly will discuss how the fall happened, and share the steps Jesus outlines to make your way back to the lasting experience of Oneness with Self, God and All Life now. You will be empowered to learn how to heal your own mind and may be surprised that you are charged by God with no less than being the salvation for the world and your brothers in all dimensions. Call in to get help on any issue that keeps you from your peace. Shelly will help you to transform your life by following the full proof principles Jesus has laid out to bring us Home. Wherever you find yourself now is a good place to start. TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SHELLY J. MILLER AND HER WORK: WWW.SHELLYJMILLER.COM/HTML TO BOOK A READING WITH SHELLY: WWW.SHELLYJMILLER.COM/CONTACT/HTML BE SURE TO LOOK FOR THE PODCAST OF FINDING YOUR PEACE WITH SHELLY J. MILLER ON I TUNES, GOOGLE PLAY AND ALL YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST STATIONS. YOU CAN VIEW THEM ON SHELLY J. MILLER PSYCHIC, MEDIUM YOU TUBE CHANNEL.

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