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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 24 April 2021

Creation Lightship Healings with Ron Amitron

Creation Lightship Healings with Ron Amitron
Show Host:
Ron Amitron, Light Embassador

The Lightship is Creation's Manifestation Center. It surpasses all Earthly written concepts of the Creation process. The Lightship with its Pure Light Energy contains the spiritual blueprints of all manifestations created in the language of Light.

Tune into the Creation Lightship Healing BBS Radio Show to experience this Divine Lightship and its teachings. During the show the Light Being's picture will be activated with "Living Light Energy" while you watch. This is amazing to witness.

The healing offered from the Lightship will be active only during the live broadcast; the healings will not work when listening to an archived show. You do not need to have a particular belief system to receive these Lightship healing benefits.

Creation Lightships' Divine Light Beings offer their assistance through Body~Mind~Spirit Healings. Visit our website to access all of our healings. The Creation Lightship Healings are the same healings Jesus used 2000 years ago.

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Ron Amitron
Mount Shasta
Radio Show Host, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Creation Lightship Contactee, Divine Light Being Doctor, Master Vibrational Light Frequency Healer

“My Earth Mission is assisting people
in reclaiming their personal Spiritual Identity.”
- Ron Amitron

Ron Amitron is one of the truly profound enlightened Spiritual teachers of our time. Ron cuts through illusion, allowing clarity of vision, bringing forth Creation’s sacred knowledge and a true connection to our Divine Authentic Self. He discloses the dark agenda’s spiritual deception and harmful control over humanity!

Ron Amitron - Throughout my lifetime on Earth I have experienced conscious communications, guidance, assistance, attunements and Divine Intervention from the Lightship.

I observe life on this planet and report my findings back to the Creation Lightship. I have the ability to instantly bi-locate to the Creation Lightship and communicate with the Divine Light Beings and Ja-ne-na, Commander of The Healing Arts University's Fleet.

This is my first lifetime to Earth in over 3000 years. I am conscious of living two lives at one time; one as The Head of The Healing Arts University Fleet and second as a human living on Earth.

My Spirit did not go through my body's earth birthing process. The Fleet's consciousness energy watched over my body until the 6th month. At this time I arrived to reside in the body. Since it was pre-planned that my body would be for me, and because I came in at such a young age, I do not consider myself a walk-in.

Having a Divine Light Being Doctor Spirit with no recent incarnations on Earth, life has always felt strange to me here. I will not go into it in depth, but I see the lack of compassion towards others. I could see where people's energy patterns were out of balance and I started helping them to bring their energy systems back into balance. My healing sessions are usually held over the phone with individuals having private healing sessions. I also facilitate phone Lightship conference call healing sessions. During these sessions each person receives individual attention from the Divine Light Beings. The healings are just as effective as if the person is physically in the room with me.

I have seen many instantaneous physical, emotional, and spiritual healings over the past 25 years. Many people report their healing as in-depth, life shifting and self-empowering. The reason for this is simple; I am assisted by the Lightship's Divine Light Beings who are performing these healings.

I have really enjoyed the many wonderful people that I have had the pleasure of meeting and assisting on Earth. I have received many testimonials from people that have expressed their heart-felt thankfulness for the instantaneous healings they have received. People say they feel relaxed, calm and peaceful during their Lightship Healing Session. I receive many email testimonials from people who have received wonderful Healings from the Divine Light Beings.

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