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Our guest this week is actor and filmmaker, Brian Donovan! He has been a professional actor for over twenty-five years in film, television and radio. He’s worked on-screen with such luminaries as Angelina Jolie, Jim Carrey and Jim Belushi. He’s been the voice of countless animated heroes -- currently as Rock Lee from the juggernaut hit, Naruto. Next year, he can be seen in the indie film, Somebody’s Mother. We'll be talking about his award winning documentary 'Kelly’s Hollywood'  about his sister Kelly who has Down Syndrome and this film is currently playing on Showtime Networks. In addition, Brian is the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Repertory Theatre and lives in Los Angeles, California with his family and dog, Cosmo.

Debrah Emerson

19 August 2017

I watched the film 'Kelly's Hollywood' tonight on Showtime . . . I was laughing, I was in awe of Brian and Kelly, I was crying, I was deeply touched . . . and more than anything, I was uplifted in the midst of these dark, troubled times we find in our world today. Brian did a brilliant job with this film . . and so unique!