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Online Social Media Marketing is a great way to enhance your business’s visibility, gain new traffic, and build a strong, lasting relationship with your current and potential customers. Unfortunately, many social entrepreneurs do not have the knowledge or time to keep up with it on a daily basis. I offer assistance and guidance with social media coordination for your business by creating a professional social presence, collecting social leads and prospective customers and keeping you engaged while engaging others.

Producing the right social media presence for a radio show, small business, a group event or your website is essential to developing that valuable relationship between you and your audience or customers. I will create that on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Weekly posts will be based on new content that is relevant to you and designed to generate attention, boost views, motivate shares and increase website traffic. Reputation is important. The course of action is to be consistent and grow your audience organically.

Positive Solutions Media will take your social media content and create a highly-focused marketing strategy intended to build a strong brand with a better chance for success!  For an hourly or monthly fee, your social media will be managed effectively.  If you don’t have the expertise or time to keep up with it consistently – make it simple on yourself – call Debrah at Positive Solutions Media to get it done the right way and with care!

And, as an Independent Contractor at BBS Radio, I also book and promote Authors/Books, Motivational Speakers, Film Makers, and other individuals who offer distinctive insights for our time. If you need social media/marketing support, BBS Radio Profile/Content Page support or need an interview to promote a book, workshop, etc.,or are interested in hosting your own radio show - please contact me at:

(Debrah Emerson is a Shareholder of BBS Radio and the Marketing Guress!)