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Guest Name
Rose Campbell
Guest Occupation
Spiritual Medium, channel and Spiritual Advisor
Guest Biography

Hello! My name is Rose Campbell.

I could have made this truly
an "about Rose" page, but other than
a quick history than pertains to my
channeling  skills, I prefer not to bore
the general public needlessly. I
reserve that special treat for friends
and family.

I discovered my ability to speak to the spiritual realms in my early 30's.
However, upon reflection, I discovered that I do remember various times
in my life that I "heard" things about situations or people that I shouldn't
have known as far back as the age of 6 or 7. Thus, it was not that I

became a channel in my 30's, it is just when I got smart enough to
realize it! Some of us are slow learners.

Channeling is to connect to the spiritual realms with a form of telepathy. I
actually do hear a thought voice inside my head. Some folks call it the
"spiritual inner ear", not related to the inner ear which gives you physical
balance however. It is a spiritual gift, one that the Apostle Paul spoke of
and of which I believe Jesus meant when he said "Let those with ears
hear and those with eyes see."

Anyway, I can talk to all levels of the spiritual realms. I focus the brunt of
my public work on connecting people to their spiritual support team.
While I believe it might be comforting to speak to the loved ones who
have gone on before us, I have seen the truly phenomenal gifts given
through people's connection with the higher sources. Besides, many
times those guides are our dearly departed once they re-enter the
wisdom of their souls. I also gave up doing very much of the 'deceased
people' readings because it involved too many tears, often my own and I
hate to cry!

So enough about me. I have a request of those of you who have found
this page: Please listen to the following song. It is one of my "ever and
ever" favorites, and I think it says so much. It gives a hint or two on how
to create a
"life uncommon", not only for self, but for the world.


Marcia McMahon

16 December 2016

Channeled Prophecy for 2017 with Marcia and Rose Campbell!


On tonights show Rose will be bring forth a message from the late Princess Diana, and so will I. I'll also bring in Archangel Michael on what his collective of angels have to say with regard to the potentials they see as the new year unfolds. We will be highlighting the words of Princess Diana from Rose Campbell, as she and I are both channels  Princess  Diana and confirmed by her. This is going to really be Exciting and also fundamentally life changing event for our listeners. The Prophecies of biblical proportions may be about to unfold. Don't miss this segment with Rose Campbell and Marcia McMahon as they see beyond the veil to reveal what is possible in 207! Callers welcomed for mini readings! Station 1 at 6 pm central time!