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Headlined, Why Life Is..., December 26, 2013 The Development of Consciousness in Humanity
Upcoming, Cosmic LOVE, December 26, 2013 2014 REBOOT:  GLOBAL TREND REPORT   Global Self-Elevation as Salvation: Easy Way or the Hard Way? by Christopher...
Headlined, Galactic Connection, December 23, 2013  Steven Meadors and Alexandra Meadors - "Implant Removal Realizations" Steve Meadors has been coined as the proverbial "technical wizard"...
Headlined, Why Life Is..., December 19, 2013 A Personal Last Crack at Life - The Mental World
Upcoming, Cosmic LOVE, December 14, 2013 Cosmic LOVE Show Dec. 14, 2013 Heartcom Network    Co-Creating Christ Mass   The Tragedy and Triumph of the '2nd Coming' in the Continuum...
Headlined, Why Life Is..., December 12, 2013 Spiritually Falling in Love
Headlined, Why Life Is..., December 5, 2013 DEFINING HUMAN AND ITS FUTURE IMPLICATIONS
Upcoming, Cosmic LOVE, November 30, 2013 A show on Comet ISON with preview link at www.heartcom.org/cometisonupdates.htm
Headlined, Why Life Is..., November 28, 2013 The Level of Consciousness Existing Through the Kingdoms


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