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Our guest is Robert Sjoquist, Director of Soils Solutions, Inc. in Camarillo, California. Soils Solutions offer the most efficient, cost effective, environmentally beneficial and highest quality plant and soils solutions available anywhere. They are partnered with Delta Bluegrass in Stockton, California to distribute their proprietary line of Native California Legacy Grasses which have been proven to require 40% - 50% less water than traditional fescue grass sods that have been in the market for years. Working with Delta they are currently bringing to market a true paradigm shift in extremely low water ground cover. The plant is called KURAPIA and has been proven to require 80% - 90% less water than conventional grass sods. He'll also share his knowledge about alternative lawn materials, different grasses and his newest product, Concrete Cloth textile matting for landscaping to protect vulnerable areas from water and soil erosion. His website is: