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Doors Slamming Open

This is a time of doors of possibilities slamming open. Even in negative, challenging times.

This has been a powerful week.  We've had the last of 7th Pluto/Uranus Squares, which began in 2012,  I've heard that the astrology is similar to 1928-1932 and the late 1960's, but even more powerful.  And today was both a New Moon Solar Eclipse *and* the Equinox.

An eclipse has 3x the power of a regular moon, and brings sudden changes, setting in motion a new phase of growth that can last for 6 months to 2 years.

The Equinox is a turning point into a new season.  Depending on your hemisphere it's either Spring, going from dormancy (really, Nature's architectural planning phase) into action, or it's Autumn which is nature's New Year.

This is the most potent time to set intentions and get clear on your vision for the coming year(s).

Recent years have been, individually and collectively,  a long, hard, roller coaster ride.  Many of us thought it would get easier (or completely end) back on Dec. 21st, 2012.  The buildup to that time was challenging.  People lost things they loved or strongly identified with: careers, relationships, and lifestyles.

Most of us now are in totally different circumstances than we were a few years ago.  We could not have imagined back then that we'd be where we are now.

A lot of us are mourning the losses.

The world has radically changed as well.  Regimes have fallen, religions are transforming.  Yet even as progress is being made, old power games from the past are resurfacing.  Echos of the 1950's, 1930's and even Medieval times are making headlines.

Please know that this is all a result of increased Light into the world.  When you flip the 'on' switch in a room, it shows where you haven't dusted.  When a higher vibration comes into form, it reveals the denser limitations.  It fractures restrictive solidity.

We are collectively more Conscious, that is, as Consciousness we are able to embody more.  Our bodies can handle our higher frequency.  There is greater clarity, even as it seems there is more chaos.

At any moment we are at choice about how we want to experience this new way of being.  We can step back, or to one side, and feel the grief, loss, anger, discomfort.  We can step forward or to the other side and feel joy, expansion, wonder and Love.

We've only lost our illusions.  I say this having lost both parents, my dog, and my home in one year.  And it was, by no means, the most painful time of my life.

I can't go back and regain those things I lost.  But I can go forward and create a new life.

Think of this time as doors of possibilities slamming open.

Shift to thinking of yourself as Consciousness with a body/personality.  As Consciousness you are at choice.  As Consciousness, you are Source. This is the energy that you can effortlessly create your reality. Step forward, or to the side that feels lightest.

Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!