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Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott II

Today's Crisis and Opportunity as Maitreya Returns to Teach and Guide Humanity

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Taking Risks and Consciousness.  How to redefine risk out of fear based perspective. Relabel it as taking a chance, opportunity, possibilities. From Consciousness in heart space there is no risk, it is all just a wonderful ride!

This has been a powerful week.  We've had the last of 7th Pluto/Uranus Squares, which began in 2012,  I've heard that the astrology is similar to 1928-1932 and the late 1960's, but even more powerful.  And today was both a New Moon Solar Eclipse *and* the Equinox.

An eclipse has 3x the power of a regular moon, and brings sudden changes, setting in motion a new phase of growth that can last for 6 months to 2 years.

When we say our hear someone say, "God Bless You," what do we think we're doing? What will happen?  Or who is this God?  And what is blessing?

I guess that getting a "Blessing" is receiving some goodies from God.  This could mean that God who has been busy either not giving blessings or has not been giving blessings to me and others until it has been asked for is is now persuaded to impart blessings--  Wealth, love, opportunity, health, better conditions, relief from pain, free tickets.