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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 13 May 2021

Aurora's Frequencies with Aurora Ginger

Show Host:

My purpose in this leg of my voyage is to present to you leading-edge teachers with stunning and pragmatic educational instruments to further raise the consciousness of the planet. We must be the change we wish implemented. We can redesign reality. These interviews will offer many types of opportunities to broaden and enhance our consciousness and beautify our life experiences.

These teachers are people I learn from, respect and enjoy. Their work has magnified my own growth process. These accomplished individuals have raised their own consciousness to the point of sharing new and innovative tools and techniques for human growth and development.

I believe we all go through the “Grist For The Mill” phase of our lives to enter the other side with the recognition of having passed through this and still be here almost makes the trip tolerable. After understanding the little boy’s exclamation with confusion, ”There must be a pony in here somewhere!”; we are able to see the gift, the purpose and have the understanding of a life lesson learned. Then, we move on to share these insights. Whether from science, personal journey, higher selves, multidimensional masters; the Source of all tools, explanations and studies is Universal Consciousness. We must seek within to see without and we must transmute within to experience a transformed world. Let’s see where this excursion takes us here in Earth University in joy and a sense of humor.

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Auroras_Frequencies, June 11, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Auroras_Frequencies, May 28, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Auroras_Frequencies, April 29, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Auroras_Frequencies, April 16, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Auroras_Frequencies, April 2, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Auroras_Frequencies, March 19, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio

Aurora Ginger

Aurora Ginger
Radio Talk Show Host, Energy Healing




We raise our frequency by our rhythm and wave allowing subtle energies to transform our consciousness.

My Rainbow Light Energy Sessions uses these elements as a gift from Spirit. The new color frequencies flow through my hands, body and voice.

Archaic emotional and repetitive mental patterns are released. With the freeing of these obsolete crystalized characteristics, space is made available for new energies that are entering our planet elevating us into higher dimensions.

Each spiritual energy session promotes changes and a deeper sense of peace.


The healing energy that flowed from Aurora’s hands was gentle, yet powerful. Her toning raised the experience to another dimension awakening and stimulating dormant areas of my psyche. A. S.

The healing I had with Aurora was wonderful. It helped me tremendously, plus it was easy. I’ve been struggling with a difficult condition in my life and my session really moved me forward. Thank you so much for your love and help. C. B.

I was curious as well as apprehensive about having an energy session. I felt deeply depressed and angry at everything. I could not turn to anyone, so I kept it to myself. I was hurting inside and out, feeling a void, unsure of the present and uninterested in the future. I avoided conversations with people. Then Aurora gave me an energy session. After a couple of days I noticed that I had a hard time recalling what I had been depressed about and I stopped blaming everyone for my anger. I felt a big relief and my attitude changed. Happier, I have grown in my values and am now open to face what I need to look at.
I look forward to a better tomorrow. I am grateful for the “silent energy” breaking through my inner sorrow of grief. I look forward to life. E.K.